||Comfortable like Grandma's quilt. Friendly: everyone is kind and helpful. The life around Keystone Cedars resembles a small town where everyone cares about you and watches out for you||


Keystone Cedars. All the staff are so congenial to us, they call us by name & it’s the little things like that really make living here great. We love our apartment! (We think we have the best one here!)

-Don & Rose Smith
When my children suggested, strongly, that I find a place to live so I would have fewer responsibilities, I looked around. When I would hear the words, “caring staff, friendly atmosphere,” and other glowing terms of praise, I was always skeptical. Keystone Place changed my mind completely. It has all of the above. Personally, I enjoy the evenings of bridge and the wonderful exercise I get in the swimming pool. I spent my first winter here last year and what a joy not to wonder whether or not my snow blower would work. In addition to all of this, our restaurant’s excellent food is served by delightfully cheery young women and men from local schools. The end result is that I’m very happy…and so are my children. Ed Lasko

Dear Mary Jo, Tracy, Donna and Lisa, Thank you so much for your care of Elaine and of ALL the residents there at Keystone. The peaceful, healthy atmosphere is always so evident, especially in the Memory Care unit. I dropped in without advance notice many times to visit Elaine, and every single time I was impressed with her lovely appearance and cheerful manner. It was obvious that she was being cared for with love and expertise. The facility was always well staffed and scrupulously clean, even on weekends. Keystone was everything I hoped it would be for my parents. Since I’m in a supervisory position myself, I tend to look critically at every organization that I visit, and I am always impressed to find excellence in day-to-day operations. I found Keystone to be a community of high professional standards, from the top directors right on through the kitchen staff and part-time workers. Thank you so much for taking care of Dad and Elaine, and please feel free to use me as a resource and reference if you ever need one. Karen Roth

Keystone Cedars. All the staff are so congenial to us, they call us by name & it’s the little things like that really make living here great. We love our apartment! (We think we have the best one here!) There is a steady stream of wildlife that we can see from our window—we see deer, squirrel, turkey and ground hogs. Don still enjoys going on hunting and fishing trips with his kids & both Don and Rose enjoy going on various outings at Keystone Cedars, especially the casino trips! Being here is like being at a fine resort, everything is done for us! The service, the view, the laughs we have with our friends here & the great staff are why we enjoy Keystone Cedars. Don & Rose Smith

Marvon and Irene Smith moved from their condo to Keystone Place. What convinced them to make Keystone place their new home? “The friendly staff, the swimming pool, and the apartment layout with a full kitchen and washer and dryer. We had been looking at retirement communities for years and Keystone Place was just the answer to what we had been looking for.” Marvon and Irene Smith

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